St Albans sinkhole to be filled with concrete today

Contractors secure the sinkhole cordon

Contractors secure the sinkhole cordon - Credit: Archant

The sinkhole in St Albans, which appeared in the early hours of yesterday morning and swallowed up part of the road on Fontmell Close, is being filled with concrete.

According to a county council spokesman, engineers began pouring the “foamed concrete” into the 10-metre-deep sinkhole today (2) in a process which is expected to take several days.

This procedure follows advice from the council’s geotechnical experts. The spokesman said: “At this time we cannot say exactly how long this will take, but it is likely to take several days.

“All agencies are working together to get residents back to their homes as soon as it is safe to do so.”

An emergency access road was created for residents to get their cars out via a playing field behind the site.

Batchwood Leisure Centre remains open during the day for residents affected; 34 people visited yesterday and a couple of families used it this morning for showers.

Residents affected are believed to have spent the night in hotels while others remained at home or with friends and family.