St Albans singer/songwriter, Georgiana Sophia, hopeful after release of second single, Wonderland

Georgiana Sophia, who released her second single last month

Georgiana Sophia, who released her second single last month - Credit: Archant

A teenage singer-songwriter from St Albans says she is excited about her future in music after the release of her second single, Wonderland, last month.

After years of hiding her talent from friends and parents, 17-year-old Georgiana Sophia, says that she is now keen to get on stage and start recording.

She said: “I never used to sing; me singing in front of people was a no-no. I just didn’t sing in front of anyone. My mum and dad didn’t hear me sing until two years ago.”

Two years ago, on her 16th birthday, former Sandringham pupil Georgiana signed to music management and development firm, Downtown Artists, after auditioning in their Soho studios.

She said: “I don’t know how I managed to do it because I’m such a nervous person. They took me into a room and asked me to sing a cover, which I did – then they called me back a couple of weeks later and I signed the contract and started working on the singles.”

Georgiana has since featured in a promotional video, recorded and released two singles and is now preparing to work on the third.

Alongside her foray into the music business, Georgiana has recently begun a four-year law course at the University of Westminster - something she says will take priority.

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She said: “Law is what I want to do. I wouldn’t want to do singing full-time if it’s just gigging around little places.”

To listen to Georgiana’s music, click here.