St Albans shop owner in Potters Bar camel race

Laura Lilley on her horse Trevor

Laura Lilley on her horse Trevor - Credit: Archant

SHE may be more at home on the back of a horse but an adventurous St Albans shop owner is bracing herself to mount an animal of a very different kind.

Laura Lilley, who is one of the entrepreneurs behind Carousel The Handbag Boutique, will become a camel jockey for the day and race against other brave competitors for charity.

The 23-year-old, who is fundraising for Herts Air Ambulance, is a keen horse rider but she has never even sat on a camel.

Laura will be given no time to practise or have a trial run, so she is keeping her fingers crossed her camel will not get the hump on competition day.

She said: “One thing I do know is that camels are rather large and I’m preparing to scare myself silly. I am just hoping the Herts Air Ambulance won’t be needed on the day!”

Laura is hoping to raise £500 before the event, which takes place at Northaw Point to Point racecourse near Potters Bar on Monday, May 27.

To sponsor her visit or alternatively make a donation in-store at Carousel The Handbag Boutique.