St Albans schoolgirls write to PM about tax-dodging corporations

NEWS that big businesses are avoiding paying tax has riled two 10-year-old girls from St Albans who decided to scribble down their views and send an impassioned letter to the Prime Minister.

Classmates Abby Brooks and Xanthe Gibson recently handwrote a strongly worded letter to David Cameron and his colleagues expressing how they feel it is unfair giant corporations are avoiding paying their tax.

This all started when Abby learned about companies, such as Starbucks, who have been accused of dodging their tax bills while listening to a sermon about the differences between the rich and poor at St Luke’s Church.

And just a few weeks after the Windermere Primary School pupils posted off their letter to Downing Street, the pair were thrilled to receive a response from the Prime Minister thanking them for taking the time to write to him.

Abby’s dad Stuart, who said the piece of paper is proudly pinned to his daughter’s bedroom wall, said: “It is great to get a response from the Prime Minister’s office and the girls were extremely pleased they feel their words have been received and they will be considered. After all these are future voters and it is important youngsters have their say.”

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And that was not the end of it, as a week later the pair showed they had real political promise when a reply from HM Treasury dropped through the girl’s doors saying their comments had been put forward for future consultation.

Dad Stuart added: “I should think they were surprised to get a letter from a couple of ten year olds but their views are no less important then our views. Even though they might not be of a voting age they will be very switched on by the time they are 18.”

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