St Albans schoolgirl keeps it zipped in aid of Keech Hospice

Jenny, 9, and her cousin Rosie, 10.

Jenny, 9, and her cousin Rosie, 10. - Credit: Archant

A usually chatty nine year old kept tight-lipped for a whole 12 hours in the name of charity.

Jenny Dallimore, of St Albans completed a 12 hour sponsored silence in aid of Keech Hospice House, who help care for her 10 year old cousin, Rosie Snell.

Rosie was born with Tetraplegic Cerebral Palsy after complications at birth, and relies on the help of Keech often.

Jenny volunteered to do the sponsored silence herself, after seeing the essential support they provide to her cousin.

Rosie, who also has epilepsy, is tube fed, visually impaired and relies on Keech for support.

Rosie’s mum, Jo Snell, said: “It is somewhere that you don’t wish you’d have to go to but it’s a lovely place.

“They give us respite, they have a 24 hour helpline and it really is a life line for us.”

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Jenny, a pupil at Bernard’s Heath, raised a tremendous £378.50, £10 of which was from her own pocket money.

Jo added: “Rosie is a very strong and happy little girl, and Jenny loves going to see her at Keech.

“Jenny is very proud that she completed the sponsored silence, I think she was really pleased that she managed it!”