St Albans rock garden raided by thief

ST ALBANS: A community’s attempts to improve their street have been thwarted by a green-fingered thief.

Residents living in Gonnerston, St Albans, have been working together to improve the street scene in Branch Road with the creation of a rock garden but in the last few months someone has taken logs intended for a sculpture and most recently, stolen plants from the ground.

Albert Bedwell said that the community was dismayed to discover the second theft particularly given the great deal of work, care and attention that had been given to the task, as well as the expense.

Mr Bedwell said the rock garden had been greatly appreciated by those living nearby but the recent theft of the plants, which included a heather, four blue spring iris and a Hardy Alpine Milla, had infuriated those behind the project.

Mr Bedwell added: “Perhaps somebody will be alerted to the source of these plants that have appeared in their garden. We don’t intend to be deterred by the action of the thief but do ask the community at large to be vigilant.”