St Albans roadworks will “end in disaster”, resident claims

Road works are currently underway on Hatfield Road

Road works are currently underway on Hatfield Road - Credit: Archant

Works underway on one of the city’s main roads are going to “end in disaster” a resident has claimed, as pedestrians are being forced to walk in the road.

Peter Norman, 74, of Brampton Road, has criticised road works currently in place along Hatfield Road in Fleetville which he says are being carried out “without any regard for the safety of children or pedestrians wishing to cross the road.”

The pavement between the road’s junctions with Woodstock Road South and Arthur Road is closed with Eurovia currently on site between Royal Road and Ladbrokes building a new cycle path.

Work started on March 2 and is expected to last a month.

Peter said: “Seeing children exposed to the fast-flowing traffic on Hatfield Road is something that the Health & Safety Executive should be aware of.

“This is after the week-long removal of the traffic lights at the crossing between the Post Office and Morrisons which exposed any shoppers who crossed from the north side to be very vulnerable.”

He added there is “no alternative route” for pedestrians forcing them to walk in the road, with no clear signage explaining what is happening.

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He went on: “In the mornings there are mothers with their pushchairs and children on their way to the Fleetville Schools having to walk in the road which is my main concern.

“The county council or whoever is responsible should be taking steps to ensure people are safe especially little children.

“It is going to end in disaster and is an accident waiting to happen.”

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “An engineer has visited the works this morning and although the detour arrangements for pedestrians were found to be satisfactory, he has introduced some changes which has made the route shorter and clearer, while still prioritising the safety of users.”