St Albans resident says: ‘Our green space has been turned into a swamp by lorry movements’

Lorries driving over the grass on Ridgeway Crescent have created a big build up of mud around it whi

Lorries driving over the grass on Ridgeway Crescent have created a big build up of mud around it which residents have to keep clearing - Credit: Archant

A retired man is calling for verges on the green outside his house to be reinforced because lorries driving over it have turned it into a swamp.

Terence Mahoney, who lives in the crescent off the main part of The Ridgeway, Marshalswick, is calling for action after the build-up of mud caused by drivers mounting the green had made the lives of him and his neighbours a misery.

The road is frequently used as a turn-around point for heavy lorries to go back to Marshalswick Lane because of the load restriction on neighbouring Barnfield Road.

Mr Mahoney, 82, who has written to Herts county council about the problem, said: “Refuse collection lorries and trucks of a similar size have no option but to drive onto the green as it is too narrow for them to fit through past the parked cars as it is also used a spill over area for the rest of the estate.

“This has destroyed the kerbing and the mud is being carried out onto the main part of The Ridgeway.

“The crescent used to be one of the most attractive areas of the estate but having studied the whole area it is now the most abused and neglected.

“It is a quagmire and when you drive through the mud and come into your own house you bring it on to your own premises. There is mud on the footpath so someone could slip as well.”

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He also expressed fears that the mud was causing a major hazard for braking and could cause drivers entering the loop at any speed to skid – a big concern as many children used the crossing to get to school.

He added: “Strengthened verges have been installed in nearby roads such as Fernleys and Wheatleys.

“The same thing has been done in Sherwood Avenue where there are double yellow lines and a bus stop and no parking allowed. Why was this done here where there was no need for it?”

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “We are sorry to hear about the issue of lorries damaging the verge in The Ridgeway crescent.

“We have received Mr Mahoney’s letter and will respond to him when we have investigated what, if anything, can be done.”