St Albans resident’s battle over strip of garden

A FURIOUS householder is determined to fight on over a boundary dispute which has left him without a strip of his garden.

Kambiz Ossanlow, who lives in Tavistock Avenue, St Albans, has already spent thousands of pounds in a bid get the 700mm x 450mm strip of land on the right-hand side at the rear of his 120ft garden restored to him.

The property has been occupied by his partner for the past 25 years and adjoining the garden was a block of garages which were sold off to a builder.

He approached Mr Ossanlow and his partner to ask if he could knock down the wall of the garage block on the boundary manually so as not to cause too much damage to the garden and then replace it with permanent fencing.

The work took place over a weekend but the garden was left open to the building site with no fence put up and a steel fence at the top of the garden also damaged.

Mr Ossanlow said he was still giving the builder the “benefit of the doubt” until the foundations for the new house were dug and in the process, he claimed, the boundary of the garden was altered so that the strip of their garden was incorporated into the former garage land which is in Leaf Way.

He has referred the issue to the Land Registry and is waiting to hear from them but he has found photographs of the garden as it was which, he believes, show without any doubt that the boundary has been moved.

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Mr Ossanlow said: “What the builder has done is change the angle when the garages were built and the property he has built is too big for the width of land he has.”

He added: “I am not going to give it up. If the decision from the Land Registry comes back unfair, I am going to take it further even if I have to go to Downing Street and chain myself to the railings.

“The builder is breaching so many planning conditions and just wants me to overlook it.”

Heather Cheesbrough, St Albans council’s head of planning and building control, said: “Our planning enforcement team has investigated a complaint about the building of a house in Leaf Way.

“It appears that the building has been built within the boundaries of the site as set out in the planning application reference 5/2011/0234. In cases where a land dispute arises it is for the parties to resolve the issue.”