St Albans resident campaigns to tackle parking problems in cul-de-sac

Westminster Court in St Albans
Picture: Google Street View

Westminster Court in St Albans Picture: Google Street View - Credit: Archant

A homeowner living in a city centre cul-de-sac has urged the council to tackle the problem of non-residents using up parking spaces and blocking the road.

Brian Weyman, who has resided in Westminster Court since 2007, has written to councillors to complain about people taking advantage of the road’s free parking to get to their workplaces or Westminster Lodge leisure centre.

He said: “We have got people that are coming here who take their equipment out of the car and go to the gym for three or four hours.

“There are people who park here and use the train station and then you’ve got people who block the pavements on both sides of the road. If you were pushing a pram or a wheelchair it wouldn’t get through. There’s a total disregard for residents here.

“If there was an ambulance they definitely wouldn’t be able to get through. The council claim this is a public road, but where does it go to? It’s a cul-de-sac. They don’t want to do anything about the parking here.

“To me it’s disgraceful. It’s disgusting and nobody seems to care.”

Mr Weyman described one incident where a woman in a wheelchair, who lived in the road, was unable to access her car because a non-resident had moved the cones around her parking space so he could park.

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In a letter to councillors, Mr Weyman said: “You obviously want to use this area to accommodate non-residents who park here with no concern for residents and you seem also, in a political way of dealing with issues, just ignoring them even when families and disabled people are affected.

“We need a management approach to solving problems without necessarily imposing charges as referred to in permit parking.”

Although the road was considered for a controlled parking zone, it did not get the required support from residents.

Joe Tavernier, head of community services at St Albans district council said: “We sympathise with the householder and recognise there are parking pressures at Westminster Court. That is why last year, we consulted on the introduction of residents’ parking.

“Such schemes require the agreement of a majority of residents before they can be implemented. In the case of Westminster Court, residents voted against the proposals.”