St Albans remain campaigners get-together for national Brexit march

St Albans for Europe making banners ready for the march on Saturday (25)

St Albans for Europe making banners ready for the march on Saturday (25) - Credit: Archant

Remain campaigners from St Albans are inviting residents unhappy with the referendum result to stand up to Brexit in a national march.

The St Albans for Europe group is encouraging people to join them at the city station at 9.30am on Saturday, wearing the EU’s blue and yellow colours, and bringing banners and flags in a show of unity for Europe.

Those who attend will then travel together to a national protest in London organised by Unite for Europe campaigning against the triggering of Article 50. Activists are planning to march from Park Lane to Parliament Square in Westminster.

The group has given out 5,000 leaflets to publicise this event - they are concerned that sympathetic people in the district may not travel up and join the crowd if they have to go by themselves.

The majority of voters in St Albans were in favour of remaining in the EU, with 63 per cent opting to stay in the referendum on June 23, 2016. But the UK as a whole voted to leave with a small majority of 52 per cent.

Group chair Fiona McAndrew said: “People have the right to change their minds, and we just feel that it’s important that we make a stand to the government, to show them how important it is, so they can see that there are still members of the public who support staying in the EU.

“We feel quite strongly it’s not going to be a change for the better, it’s not going to create jobs, it’s not going to help the NHS.”

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She described Brexit in St Albans as “against our will”.

St Albans district councillor, Chris White, said: “In June people were assured by the leave camp that we would stay in the single market and that jobs would therefore not be under threat.

“The Government has decided to press on with a completely new agenda that people were not asked to vote on. That’s why we need to protest.”