St Albans’ Philomena appears at Hollywood’s Golden Globes

A St Albans resident who inspired the box-office busting adoption drama Philomena spoke at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Philomena Lee joined Steve Coogan onstage at the prestigious Beverly Hilton Hotel event as the film received three nominations for best actress, drama and screenplay.

The 80-year-old received a standing ovation from British actress Emma Thompson, while an array of movie stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence also applauded her.

DiCaprio, who was up for best actor in a comedy or musical, amused the audience after mispronouncing the former Hill End Hospital nurse’s name ‘Philomania’.

Speaking about the film on the night Philomena thanked the A-list guests for their rapturous applause and said: “The film isn’t just about me; it’s the shared story of the women who have yet to receive the justice they deserve.”

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