St Albans pensioners outwit suspected distraction burglars

An elderly couple have been praised for their actions when faced with suspicious callers at the door.

A man and two girls called at the couple’s house in Drakes Drive at 7.30pm last Saturday evening, March 12, and as the householders were not expecting anyone, they called through the door to ask who was there.

The girl claimed she had hurt her hand and required a plaster but the couple refused to open the door and contacted police.

Det Insp Gerry McDonald, who leads the Operation Manhunt team dedicated to catching distraction burglars, said: “We have reason to believe these were possible distraction burglars using the guise of a ‘cut hand’ to get into the couple’s home and commit a burglary.

“These residents took exactly the right action – they suspected the callers were not legitimate, dealt with them without opening the door and did not let them into their homes. They informed us immediately so we were able to act quickly.”