St Albans’ own Apprentice candidate fights her way out of the boardroom

The businesswoman found herself fighting for her place in the competition after being called back in

The businesswoman found herself fighting for her place in the competition after being called back into the boardroom - Credit: BBC/Boundless

SUCCESSFUL St Albans entrepreneur Luisa Zissman fought her way out of her first boardroom battle last night after her team Evolve failed this week’s task in The Apprentice.

The episode saw the 11 remaining hopefuls head to Guildhall in the city where business mogul Lord Sugar explained their challenge was to run a corporate away day.

Endeavour and Evolve were given a budget of £5,000 and had to prove they could entertain clients just as well as they could do business with them, and ultimately make a profit which would be assessed against customer satisfaction.

Team leader Francesca sent Luisa off in a sub-team to research chocolate making courses for their ‘Back to School’ themed away day, but things turn sour between the pair when Luisa suggests she runs a cupcake workshop instead.

The cake queen said: “Why would we pay for chocolate making when I can do something I do in my everyday life?”

After a heated debate Luisa got her way and the cupcake workshop was added to the day’s itinerary.

Despite their very best efforts at entertaining their client with their school-themed fun day, the team were headed for disappointment in the board room, as they spent £2,654.19 out of the budget, compared to Endeavour’s spend of £2,170.50.

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Both teams had to provide a partial refund to their clients, giving Evolve a chance to beat Endeavour, however they still came out as the losers with roughly £500 less profit than their competition.

Project Manager Francesca decided to bring Luisa and Rebecca back in to the boardroom with her, marking the first occasion Luisa has had to fight for future in the show.

Lord Sugar said: “Now, Luisa, you are a bit of a bombshell as far as I can tell. And I’ve got to try and judge in my mind whether that is just out and out enthusiasm, or whether that’s your personality. Because if it is your personality, then you can go home now.”

But clearly the tempestuous tycoon still had faith in the young mother and decided to let her last a bit longer in the cut-throat competition, adding: “Luisa, I don’t know what my instinct’s telling me about you…. But I do know what my instinct is telling me about you Rebecca. Rebecca, You’re fired.”