St Albans novelist’s follow-up book is a backlash against Twitter trolls

Angela Clarke and her new book - Follow Mec

Angela Clarke and her new book - Follow Mec - Credit: Archant

After founding her writing reputation on witty anecdotes about the fashion industry an author has swapped comedic tales of cake and clothes for a fictional crime thriller.

St Albans author Angela Clarke released her debut book Confessions of a Fashionista in 2013 after writing an anonymous column for the Daily Mail, and her memoirs shot to the top of the Amazon Fashion Chart.

But the writer has left the glitz and glamour of the fashion genre in favour of a crime thriller, Follow Me, that tells the tale of a modern-day murderer using social media to generate a ‘ghoulish following for his gruesome murder spree’.

The idea came after Angela, who suffers with a rare condition EDS III, experienced her first major flare up of the condition and dislocated her neck two years ago, leaving her unable to walk for six weeks.

She was lucky not to lose her life, and has had to drastically change her lifestyle to control the symptoms.

Following her experience, Angela saw Twitter as her lifeline, using it as a way to connect to the outside world while she was home-bound.

She said: “Twitter became my outlet and I could speak to people who I couldn’t see. You’re part of a community.”

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But with Twitter, comes Twitter trolls, and Angela received violent threats online after publishing an article on feminism for The Guardian.

She added: “Someone who had a big following told people to come and troll me because I had spoken out about stuff. For the first few days it was horrible but I learned to cope with it.

“It made me want to research why people want to troll.”

Follow Me sees the ‘Hashtag Murderer’ use social media as an accessory to murder.

The fame-hungry murderer killer posts cryptic clues pointing to their next victim, and an ambitious police officer and investigative journalist are thrown together in a desperate struggle to catch him.

The e-book is currently available on Amazon and the paperback is due to be released on December 31.