St Albans nightclub in running for most “tragic” venue

Inside Club Batchwood

Inside Club Batchwood - Credit: Archant

Is a nightclub in St Albans the most “tragic” venue in the country?

That is the question being asked in a national online poll organised by The Tab, a Cambridge University founded news network for young journalists.

In last year’s The Tab survey 35,000 people cast their vote for the UK’s most notorious nightspot, with Winkers Night Club in Chalfont St Peter earning the ‘accolade’.

This year Batchwood, described as a manor-house-come-dirty-disco, is apparently vying for the title.

Club Batchwood launched in the 1970s in the former house of renowned architect Lord Grimthorpe, the man who designed the clock mechanism that chimes Big Ben.

It remains very popular for party-goers in the city and offers a free shuttle bus from St Peter’s Street for people who want to carry on dancing throughout the night.

A 23-year-old patron of the club who lives in St Albans, Sophie Clark, said: “Of course it’s fun, that’s why we go. But I totally do see why it’s tragic as well.

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“The tragic part of Batchwood is that it has this presence of being fancy - the big chandelier, the grand entrance, the big hallway, but when you look at what’s in there, there’s people stumbling around not being aware of their surroundings, and it’s that juxtaposition that makes it tragic.

“There has been many a night when I’ve sworn I won’t go to Batch but after a few drinks I’m dragging all my friends to go there.”

Other nightclubs in St Albans city centre are also in the running, including Havana and Club Veeda.

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