Music teacher reimagines country classic for lockdown

Lea Andrews, St Albans musician, has written a song about her road. 

Lea Andrews, St Albans musician, has written a song about her road. - Credit: Lea Andrew

A St Albans musician has made up a song about her road to cheer up her neighbours during lockdown.

Lea Andrews has adapted the song "Country Roads, Take me Home" with lyrics to fit the area where she lives.

Referring to One Stop and The Poodle Parlour, she posted the song on St Albans Facebook Isolation Arts Cafe page. 

Lea said: "I’m a teacher and a songwriter and I’ve been trying to use lockdown to inspire my kids to use their time to see music as a way to express themselves rather than a dry lesson about something that’s already happened, and I often make up little songs to brighten up the online learning platforms. 

"Our road didn’t really know each other before the lockdowns, we were all quite insular. I just wanted to mark the time, and send a little souvenir thank you to my lovely neighbours!"

Watch the video below: 

More of her music is available on the Lea Andrews Facebook 

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