St Albans museums chief leaving post

MUSEUMS director Chris Green is leaving St Albans council from which he is believed to be taking voluntary redundancy.

Mr Green is understood to have decided to leave his post as a result of staff restructuring forced on the council as a result of cuts.

He was among the guests at a New Year party held by the St Albans and Herts Architectural and Archaeological Society where he was thanked for his tireless support through the years he has been at the helm of the museums service.

In a statement the district council said it was no secret that there would be redundancies, both voluntary and compulsory, as a result of the 27 per cent reduction in the grant settlement but it could not comment on specific posts or individuals.

But it added: “The council has every intention of ensuring that the important role of marketing the museums and encouraging tourists to continue to visit this city and to enjoy its heritage will continue to be fully supported.”