St Albans mums launch campaign to tackle spate of dog mess

Fed up mums Pauline Swindells, Cheryl Luzet and Sarah Baxter (front) have been flagging up dog poos

Fed up mums Pauline Swindells, Cheryl Luzet and Sarah Baxter (front) have been flagging up dog poos left by owners after having to dodge them on the school run along Camp Road - Credit: Archant

A trio of mums who are fed up with dog poo littering their children’s pathway to school have taken it upon themselves to shame the culprits.

Sarah Baxter, Pauline Swindells and Cheryl Luzet, whose children attend Camp School in St Albans, have started to put miniature flags in the dog poo that clogs the walkway to the school.

The mums hope to shame the those leaving behind the excrement after becoming frustrated at the rising amount left behind.

Cheryl said that the issue had become increasingly bad in the past year, and despite the council’s effort to clean up the faeces, the problem persisted.

She continued: “It’s a way of embarrassing the person or people who have been doing it and we can keep track of when they’re appearing.

“We have been campaigning to the council for a sign but there’s no money in the budget, and picking it all up would be a full time job, so we’ve decided to show the person that it’s not gone unnoticed.”

The mums have raised concerns about the health of their children. Cheryl continued: “Young children are most at risk as they frequently sit on the carpet at school and put their hands in their mouths.”

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Sarah said: “My children enjoy walking to school but I can’t let my two year old out of her buggy as the problem is so persistent. One day last week I counted 10 episodes on a small stretch of road.”

Action against the individual can only be taken if they are caught in the act. Cheryl added: “Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and the culprits will realise the negative effect it is having on the community.”