St Albans mum complains about rubbish dumped outside baby’s window

Mum Roz Wilkinson is upset about bags of rubbish being left outside baby Belinda's window

Mum Roz Wilkinson is upset about bags of rubbish being left outside baby Belinda's window - Credit: Archant

Rubbish being dumped weekly outside a baby’s bedroom window in St Albans has infuriated a mum who has described it as a health hazard.

Roz Wilkinson said she was fed up with complaining to the council about the ongoing problem at the block of maisonettes in Riverside Road, where residents share a rubbish collection area.

However, she explained: “Whenever the bin men are collecting the rubbish, it goes into a skip but if it overflows they take it from the shed and dump it outside my baby’s window on the ground floor.

“She is just 10 months old so I can’t open the window. It’s a health hazard. I have seen foxes around it, and cats, so I’m worried about it.”

Roz added: “There are rodents and other animals chewing at it which isn’t hygienic and the smell has been particularly noticeable during the warmer weather.

“I don’t want to open the window because the rubbish is directly below it. There are flies, and it’s not good for my baby’s health – it’s not fair on her.”

She has complained about the problem to St Albans district council every week for the last month.

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Roz said: “They are lovely and they do sort it out, but each week it happens again. There are normally 10 bags of rubbish and miscellaneous stuff like rolls of carpet put against our wall.

“We pay our council tax and this isn’t good enough.”

Richard Shwe, head of community services at the council, said: “We are aware of a recurring problem of dumped waste being put out for collection at a council-managed housing development in Riverside Road.

“We have visited the development on a number of occasions to clear away this dumped waste.”

Mr Shwe said that the council has written to residents reminding them that all household waste should be placed in refuse bins in the bin cupboard, which are emptied weekly by waste contractors.

He added: “We are monitoring the situation closely to ensure that all general domestic waste is placed in the bins provided.”