St Albans MP urges government to take action on aircraft noise

Anne Main. Photo: Office of Anne Main

Anne Main. Photo: Office of Anne Main - Credit: Archant

The government has been urged to take action on “intolerable” aircraft noise pollution from Luton Airport.

Residents living under the Luton Airport flight path in St Albans are frequently disturbed by aircraft noise, and St Albans MP Anne Main wants Westminster to take their concerns into account in their consultation on aircraft noise.

The implementation of the new RNAV route, which puts planes on a tighter flight path, has led to residents feeling that the noise has been concentrated above their heads.

Mrs Main said: “We are expanding airports, including Luton, and they are increasingly causing noise problems for residents.

“RNAV is concentrating the noise and impact on a number of people who find it intolerable to live under the flight path.

“There has been a 150 per cent increase in complaints as a result of the rapid expansion of Luton, and the implementation of RNAV.”

Mrs Main welcomes the government’s consultation on the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise, to protect other residents from having a focus of planes and noise coming over their houses.

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She said: “I was delighted to raise these concerns on behalf of people in St Albans who are fed up with incessant aeroplane noise over this narrow corridor created by RNAV.

“I hope, in light of the government’s consultation and the Post Implementation Review of RNAV being carried out by Luton and the CAA, that a sensible change can be made to this flight path to alleviate the huge annoyance that it imposes on those living below it.”