St. Albans MP Anne Main ‘minded to support Boris Johnson’ in Tory leadership race

St Albans MP Anne Main may support Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership race. Picture: Anne

St Albans MP Anne Main may support Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership race. Picture: Anne Main's office - Credit: Archant

St. Albans MP Anne Main has thrown her support behind Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership race.

Mrs Main told the Herts Ad: "At the moment I am minded to support Boris Johnson, but I will be following the leadership hustings and debates closely over the next few weeks before I make up my mind.

"Lots of exciting and talented candidates have put themselves forward for the leadership. Circumstances can change quickly and we will no doubt see some candidates drop out of the race before the first round of voting."

After Theresa May's resignation, Mrs Main said she wanted "a new leader that will deliver Brexit and get on with tackling the other issues that need to be addressed in our country."

Mrs Main, who campaigned for Brexit in the 2016 referendum, is thought to be a long-time advocate of Mr. Johnson, and in 2014 invited him to visit St Albans during his term as London Mayor.

Mr. Johnson is currently facing a private prosecution over claims he deliberately lied during the referendum, claiming the UK could send £350m a week to the NHS after Brexit.

The controversial figure, who once described Muslim women who wear the niqab as "letterboxes" and "bank robbers," has confirmed that under his leadership the UK will leave the EU on 31 October, with or without a deal.

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MP for Harpenden and Hitchin, Bim Afolami, has also taken sides in the leadership race.

He announced on Newsnight on Tuesday his support for Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary.

Mr. Afolami said: "I think he's a fresh face. He is moderate, pragmatic. He understands that we need to deliver Brexit but also a post-Brexit vision for the country."

Daisy Cooper, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for St Albans, said: "Boris Johnson's only priority is himself: whether he's lying to the electorate, flip-flopping on his supposed principles or turning his back on British business.

"By supporting Johnson, the MP for St Albans is showing once again just how out of touch she is with the people she's supposed to represent."