St Albans MP rejects censorship of The Sun’s page three

Anne Main MP

Anne Main MP - Credit: Archant

HUNDREDS of politicians have signed a national petition urging The Sun to ban Page 3 girls – but St Albans MP Anne Main has refused to follow their lead.

Local resident Charlotte Morgan recently wrote to the Conservative MP asking for her to support the No More Page Three campaign, which has attracted over 100,000 signatures.

But she has spoken of her disappointment since Mrs Main replied saying while she largely agreed with the cause she would not give it her backing.

The 26 year old, of Ramsbury Road, St Albans, said: “The reason she gave was that we have freedom of the press and that it is not up to MPs to tell newspapers what to do but I think this is an exceptional circumstance. I don’t think Page 3 brings any value to anybody and I think it should be more of a personal opinion to MPs. I understand her argument but I don’t think it was relevant.”

In her reply Mrs Main said while she was personally against such forms of media “it is not for the Government to legislate in such instances, but rather up to the newspaper involved to take the best course of action”.

She also pointed out the Government’s opinion was that “people should feel valued not because of what they look like, but for what they can contribute”.

Charlotte added she was dissatisfied with this response as she was optimistic that within her lifetime the tabloid newspaper would stop printing topless photos but said people like Mrs Main could speed this up.

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She went on: “Anne Main is supposed to be the person that a whole constituency looks up to and it sets a bad example.

“If she had signed it loudly and proudly it might have raised awareness amongst other teenage boys and girls. I was convinced she would have signed it because I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t.”