St Albans MP calls for aviation noise body, in wake of Luton Airport complaints

St Albans MP Anne Main

St Albans MP Anne Main - Credit: Archant

St Albans MP Anne Main has asked the Transport Secretary for more information on the possible establishment of a new, independent aviation noise body, after a spike in complaints about Luton Airport.

The politician has written to Chris Grayling to press him on the government’s plans to better manage airspace noise, pointing out that St Albans “is affected by increased flightpaths from Luton Airport”.

She added: “Local residents have voiced their concerns about noise relating to aircraft straying from their published flightpath for many years.”

Anne said that while the airport had last year introduced technology to keep aircraft closer to the centreline of a new route, “this now means that flight travel is concentrated in north St Albans, to the huge detriment of those living close to the narrower path”.

After a surge in complaints about the increased plane noise, including through the night, Anne said she ‘strongly supports’ a recommendation alluded to recently by the Transport Secretary to initiate an independent aviation noise body.

She asked, however, “what powers of intervention would they have in these matters? How would you implement the decisions of the independent body?

“No airplane can be silent and air travel is vital for our economy but communities want assurances that the government is working to reduce the impact of aircraft noise where possible. And as you highlighted in your [recent] statement, more can be done.

“You will appreciate the local community is keen to understand how they will be engaged and look forward to such proposals.”

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Anne also queried the likely timeframe to set up the proposed independent body, and when improvements would be delivered.

An aircraft noise enquiry or complaint can be made to Luton Airport via its online flight tracking system known as TraVis (, or email: or by calling 01582 395382 (24hr automated line).