St Albans MP Anne Main re-selected as candidate for next election

St Albans MP Anne Main - photo by Spike Brown

St Albans MP Anne Main - photo by Spike Brown - Credit: Archant

St Albans MP Anne Main has been re-selected by local Conservatives as their parliamentary candidate for the 2015 general election.

At a meeting of the St Albans Conservative Association this week she said it was an honour to be chosen to fight the seat again next year.

Mrs Main said: “I believe in standing up for the people of St Albans and being a strong voice in Westminster, even if that means occasionally sitting on the ‘naughty step’ in Parliament.

“I have never believed in negative campaigning and strongly believe you should judge people on their actions.

“I have spoken up for the people of St Albans on a wide range of issues including inappropriate development both locally and nationally, supporting local charities on the lobbying bill, and taking a consistent stance against over burdensome EU legislation and a personal commitment to an in-out referendum.

“Whilst it is never easy to stand up to the party whips I believe that St Albans comes first.”

The Tory MP was first elected in 2005 and in 2010 she held the seat with an increased majority.

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