St Albans motorists delayed after horses escape

TRAFFIC on the M25 was brought to a standstill during rush hour this morning (Tuesday) after four horses escaped onto the motorway, causing chaos for St Albans motorists.

One of those caught up in the lengthy traffic queue was Mehmet Hussein, a graphic designer at William Lawrence Advertising in St Albans.

He said his 30-minute journey took an extra hour as a result of long tailbacks on the M25.

Mehmet added: “There were four horses on the road at the Junction 22 exit. I could see loads of police blocking them in so they could not escape.

“Traffic was at a standstill for about 45 minutes.”

A spokeswoman for Herts Police said they were called at about 7.15am after horses were seen walking on the motorway near Junction 23. When the police arrived, the animals were near Junction 22, which was immediately closed.

It is believed they escaped from their enclosure in Potters Bar.

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She added: “We put a rolling block in place, and started to herd them towards the Junction 22 slipway, so they were cleared from the main carriageway.

“Junction 22 was reopened at about 8.15am. The horses’ owner has since come forward.”