St Albans men walking from San Francisco to LA

WALKING 508 miles is not something most people would dream of doing to celebrate their 30th birthday, but for a St Albans man it’s not just a chance to celebrate his milestone birthday, it’s also the opportunity to raise cash for charity.

Rob Burton of Langley Grove will walk from San Francisco to Los Angeles along with his two friends, Joe Mitchell and Richard Ash, later this month to raise money for Oxfam.

The trio will make their way along Highway One, which links the two cities in California, at a pace of 26 miles a day over three weeks. They will set up camp at the end of each day’s walking where they will try to rest their feet.

Rob, who will hit 30 while on the trip, said: “We’re all excited about the unknown. None of us really know what to expect whilst we’re on the trip other than we’re going to be walking a lot and we’re going to see a lot of the Pacific Ocean. Who knows what else will happen?”

The experienced walkers are well prepared for the outdoors and have trained for their trek with many walks throughout Hertfordshire.

To support the trio in their efforts, visit or to help them in any way, email Rob at