St Albans man jailed for threatening behaviour and tampering with cars

St Albans Crown Court. Picture: DANNY LOO

St Albans Crown Court. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

A St Albans man has been sentenced to 25 weeks in prison for a series of crimes including tampering with cars, property damage and threatening behaviour.

Timothy MacGuinness, 39, of Cell Barnes Lane, was charged with three counts of interfering with motor vehicles, two counts of failing to surrender to custody, and one count each of property damage, threatening behaviour, committing a further offence while under a suspended sentence, failing to comply with community requirements and failing to comply with supervision requirements.

On October 8, 2018, MacGuinness damaged the front door of a house in St Albans and used threatening behaviour to harass the inhabitant.

Last year MacGuinness also interfered with a Suzuki Swift car and a Porsche Panamera on September 1, and on September 16 interfered with a Kia Sedona.

He failed to surrender to custody at St Albans Magistrates’ Court on November 12, having been released on bail in criminal proceedings on September 18, and on September 27 he committed a further offense during the operational period of a suspended sentence order.

MacGuinness also failed to comply with supervision requirements by attending a probation appointment on November 17, failed to surrender to custody at St Albans magistrate’ court on November 9 and failed to attend unpaid work on September 27 and November 6.

He pleaded guilty to all charges, although initially he pleaded not guilty to tampering with the Suzuki and the Porsche, changing his plea to guilty on December 29.

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MacGuinness was sentenced to 25 weeks in prison.