St Albans man shifts seven stone with diet

AN OVERWEIGHT St Albans construction worker driven to shed seven stone because of health fears is now slim enough to sit comfortably in his “one passion in life” – a Nissan 350Z sports car.

Indulging in a partying lifestyle including binge drinking and takeaway meals helped Danny Dwyer, 34, balloon to over 21 stone.

Unhappy with his weight and appearance and concerned that he would develop health problems as he approached his 40s, Danny decided to drastically change his diet and lifestyle.

In four months he shrank from 21 to 14 stone, courtesy of the LighterLife total programme where ordinary eating is replaced by four specially formulated food packs a day.

This was accompanied by weekly counselling sessions with LighterLife counsellor Gina Lennon, based in St Albans, who helped Danny reassess his relationship with food.

Danny said: “I’m doing stuff now I’d never have thought possible six months ago. I run twice a week, cycle 50 miles every weekend, play football every Wednesday and go to the gym.

“I used to hate running because it hurt me, but now have a treadmill in the garage and I just hop on and run 5km.”

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Danny added that the only thing lacking in his life, other than several stone, was a girlfriend but he hoped his new-found confidence would help him find a partner.