St Albans man sheds two stone as part of 2014 fitness regime

Steve Robertson has lost over 2 stone since joining Nuffield Health

Steve Robertson has lost over 2 stone since joining Nuffield Health - Credit: Archant

At the beginning of 2014 Steve Robertson was overweight and unfit, but within a matter of months he had turned his life around and is now ending the year feeling healthier than he has in ages.

After finally resolving to lose two stones in weight and get fit and healthy in February, he signed up for the individually-targeted Wellbeing programme at St Albans gym Nuffield Health to ensure he kept to his promise.

Steve explained: “I’ve always been very sporty but the rigour of work had been an excuse to not do much exercise over the last few years and the pounds had piled on.

“Within very little time, I found myself visiting the gym frequently in the Midlands when working away and in St Albans when home.

“Supported regularly by my personal trainer Denise Collman, I soon started to improve cardio fitness and found that my breathing was easier, sleep improved and that I was feeling generally healthier. Weight and resistance training also enabled strength improvements too.”

Steve also received further support from a nutrition specialist, and over the next few weeks, the benefits of a balanced diet and sensible exercise program really started to reap rewards.

“All indicators of my health had improved including cholesterol, weight, glucose levels, aerobic fitness, heart rate and blood pressure.

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“I have now lost almost two stones and am feeling fitter than I have ever felt. My diet has improved dramatically and is much more balanced - much fewer drinks and sweets - and I’ve dropped from a 36 inch waist in February to 30 inch waist in October. I am now planning to run a half marathon in the next year.

“I am delighted with the progress that I have made and the support which has been provided to keep my fitness and health heading in the right direction. I now visit the gym three to four times a week and track my exercise and fitness regime to keep pushing and motivating myself.”