St Albans man puts best feet forward with photography project

The view from Resort Utopia. Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand, where Tom proposed to Verity

The view from Resort Utopia. Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand, where Tom proposed to Verity - Credit: Tom Robinson

WHEN an ex-Beaumont School student started snapping his and his girlfriend’s feet in exotic locations he thought it would just be a novel idea to capture a story.

Tom, Verity and Matilda

Tom, Verity and Matilda - Credit: Submitted

But little did he know that the prints would become an overnight sensation and catch the eye of the Daily Mail.

Tom Robinson and his fiancée Verity’s globetrotting toes have now been pictured in over 30 different countries, including Brazil, India, Australia, and Thailand and the photos have attracted a lot of media attention.

More recently a third pair of tootsies appeared in the imaginative images, belonging to the couple’s two-year-old daughter Matilda.

Freelance photographer Tom, who also runs an illustration agency, said: “It started as a way of documenting our travels and it’s now more of a story of a family.

“For me photography is like going on an adventure with my camera.”

The keen traveller explained that the series of snaps were conceived in Brighton on a trip with Verity, originally from Harpenden, after they had been dating for nine months and decided to take a picture of their feet in front of the sea water.

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He explained he did actually tell someone once that they were prosthetic legs that he carried around with him in the photos and the gullible man believed him.

The 31 year old said his picture-making journey began at Beaumont School in Oakwood Drive, St Albans, a learning experience he described as “cool”, and chuckled: “I wasn’t in the sixth form photo because I was too busy in the dark room!”

Tom has had his work published in a whole host of in-flight magazines and the Daily Mail featured his feet picture collection along with another series called ‘I’m going to be a dad’ which captured the expression of his friends and family after they found out Verity was pregnant.

This isn’t the first time Tom has featured in the Herts Advertiser. He was apparently immortalised in newsprint at the age of eight during the St Albans carnival when he was dressed as a cotton picker: “My whole family were dressed as Victorians!”

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