St Albans man impaled on metal table leg

FIREFIGHTERS rescued a St Albans man who became impaled on a metal desk leg in his loft at the weekend.

They had to remove part of the roof of the house to free the man on Saturday (24) just before 6pm.

The 80-year-old, of Westfields, was taken to St Marys Paddington Hospital in London and is currently recovering.

EEAST spokesman Gary Sanderson, who attended the incident said: “This was a very delicate incident to deal with and our crews, a critical care paramedic and HART operatives worked extremely hard alongside the fire service in a very difficult environment to treat, stabilise and immobilise him before he was removed out of the roof to an awaiting ambulance.”

Gary added: “Due to the confined space, the fire service removed a section of the roof so the patient could be passed through onto their Aerial Ladder Platform which brought him down to ground level.”