St Albans horse rider still searching for driver following hit and run

The driver "sped off" after Sarah had fallen off of the horse and crawled out of his way

The driver "sped off" after Sarah had fallen off of the horse and crawled out of his way - Credit: Archant

A frustrated horse rider who was the victim of a hit and run four months ago is still searching for the driver.

Sarah Hartless, 19, who lives in Chiswell Green, escaped with bruising when she was knocked off her mare, Whisper, by a speeding car at about 1pm on July 27.

She was riding down Westwick Row, in Leverstock Green, towards St Albans, when the driver of a black Ford Fiesta Zetec scared the horse by driving at a high speed, causing the mare to jump sideways and hit the bonnet of the car.

Sarah said that she had pulled over to a passing place on the side of the road before the collision because the car was driving “too fast”. She maintained that she also signalled for the car to stop, but the driver carried on even after the collision, and now she and her family were desperately trying to track the driver down four months on.

Sarah was left with a sprained wrist and is currently having physiotherapy on her leg as the impact has left her with no feeling on an area on her thigh, which is described to be the “size of a cereal bowl”.

Sarah’s mum, Elaine Hartless, said: “Our chiropractor has said that her thigh bone is probably dented, but it should recover eventually.

“The bruising is only just coming out four months later; however, she is still able to ride and move around without any problem.

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Elaine added that Whisper was “more or less unscathed” but she did have a “slight twist” on her ride side and lower back which cleared up after a couple of days.

In a bid to find the driver, Elaine has posted leaflets through residents’ doors asking if anyone has seen the car or has any CCTV footage of the collision but has had no luck.

She said: “The bonnet was so badly damaged that anyone repairing it would probably remember it.

“Cars continue to speed and drive dangerously along Westwick Row. The nights are drawing in now, making it impossible for many horse owners to bring heir horses in during daylight.

“She added: “We wear Hi-Viz jackets, we have LED lights flashing both on ourselves and our horses, but all the majority of drivers down the lanes care about is getting from A to B as fast as possible.”

A spokesperson for Herts Police commented: “At this stage, all lines of enquiry have been explored and unfortunately the driver of the vehicle involved has not been identified. However if further information comes to light officers will investigate further.”

Anyone with information can contact Herts Police on the non-emergency number 101.