St Albans headteacher becomes the target for charity fundraiser

The scheme provides young people with an insight into the world of business

The scheme provides young people with an insight into the world of business - Credit: Archant

The head teacher of a primary school became the target of a money-making scheme for charity involving children with water guns.

Pupils from SS Alban and Stephen Junior School created the ‘Soak Mr Soyka’ business idea as part of The Junior Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge which requires children to make a profit from £50 which will then be given to a charity of their choice.

Children lined up to squirt head teacher, Charles Soyka, with water for a small price of 50p, raising more than £250.

The money will go towards the Talking Newspaper - a charity radio newspaper in St Albans aimed at blind listeners. The local fire brigade also attended the event to lend a helping hand.

This is the first time that the challenge has worked with primary school pupils as the initiative is usually aimed at sixth formers. The scheme was piloted in St Albans and involves working with teams from Years 5 and 6, offering an insight into the world of business.

Teams from other St Albans primary schools also took part in creating their own business ideas including Mandeville Primary and Fleetville Junior.

Anne-Marie Mille, project coordinator, commented: “The children’s ideas have been fantastic and their motivation and teamwork has been a pleasure to watch.

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“We’ve seen beautiful handcrafted candle holders being sold, breakfast bars organised for parents to enjoy and Pokémon trading events which went down a storm for their trading market.”

She added: “The opportunity to squirt your head teacher with a Super Soaker for 50p does not happen every day.

“The added excitement of the fire brigade joining in the fun made the event one to remember.”