St Albans GP and nurse ready for Kilimanjaro climb

A GP and practice nurse from St Albans will wave goodbye to their patients for a week and set off on their greatest endeavour - to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of charity.

Dr Amanda Platt and nurse Sue King work at Parksbury House Surgery and will take on the mountain along with six other friends, in a bid to raise money for the Hospice of St Francis based in Hemel Hempstead. Sue invited Amanda to join her in the trek and the two women began their preparation. Balancing their work, family and training has been difficult, but the two women are finally ready for their departure date next week.

Amanda said: “We’ve had a lot of support from our families and friends, as well as patients. One patient said I was mad and that she would pay me not to go.

“My son is actually coming with me to make sure I make it to the top.”

The money raised will be donated to the Hospice because of the women’s personal and professional links. Sue said: “We refer a lot of our patients there and many of our GPs volunteer there. I also lost a friend a few years ago and the hospice did a wonderful job.”

The duo have raised �1,200 so far but are hoping to raise over �2,000. To sponsor them, visit

The Hospice of St Francis is launching Strictly Learn Dancing and needs volunteers, preferably male volunteers, to come forward. The competition will include dance lessons from top professionals and culminate in a Grand Finale in November. Call the Hospice’s fundraising team on 01442 869555 for details.