St Albans girl’s message in a bottle travels all the way to Netherlands

A GIRL released a message in a bottle off the Margate coast which miraculously travelled just under 80 miles to the Netherlands where it was found by a local.

Honey Smyth, of St Albans, wrote her message and an email address on a page from an old book while on holiday and put it in a coke bottle before sending it on its way early last month

A woman in Dishoek found it eight days later on November 10 as she was walking on the beach with her dogs and gave the note to her daughter to transcribe.

Her daughter then emailed Honey’s dad Danny saying they had found the bottle and asked when it had been sent and where from.

Danny said: “My daughter could not believe that it had travelled so far in such a short period of time and she said ‘wow the world really is a small place!’.”

Honey, eight, replied to the email and told the woman where she was from and that she has a brother called Max.

Her mum Sarah said: “Everyone we’ve told [about the letter] has said ‘oh my God that’s really amazing’!”

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Honey is planning on launching a bottle into the sea again, but this time is hoping for a more specific destination, as her dad explained: “We are off to Broadstairs during the Easter break and Honey is hoping that her next message will be picked up in a nice “hot” country that we can then visit on holiday.”