St Albans getting better service from council

St Albans District Council. Photo: Krishan Bhungar

St Albans District Council. Photo: Krishan Bhungar - Credit: Archant

St Albans appears to be getting a better service from its council.

Last year, there was a fall in the number of complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) about St Albans district council.

St Albans council complaints officer, Julie Young, said: “We work closely with the LGO to resolve any issues raised by customers about our services and welcome any independent feedback that is given.

“This is a positive reflection on our commitment to customers to resolve any complaints at the earliest possible opportunity.”

In 2016, four complaints out of 27 were upheld against St Albans council.

Whereas in 2017, only three complaints out of 30 were upheld.

Of the six detailed investigations, three complaints were upheld and three were not, giving the council an uphold rate of 50 per cent.

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Below the national average rate of 63 per cent.