St Albans gets creative in the snow

WINTERY pictures showcasing the creative talents of the district’s residents have flooded the newsdesk today.

From ice sculptures to igloos, snowmen to sledging, the white stuff has proven to be a hit with many taking advantage of the weekend snowfall.

Igloos proved a popular challenge amongst young and old, with one group of friends labouring for nine hours to complete their creation in Oysterfields.

Teenager Sophie Boggis-Rolfe used the ice on the lake in Verulamium Park on Sunday to create a sculpture. With the help and supervision of her parents, the artistic Year 9 pupil collected thick sheets of ice to produce a crown-like piece in the snow.

Council warning signs to stay off the ice on the park’s lake were ignored by many who slipped onto the ice to test its strength. Before the snow even fell, one man took to the ice to play a lone game of ice hockey.

At Redbourn Golf Club, staff proved their dedication to the game when they attempted to clear some of the snow from the course. The club has managed to open three holes today, which can be played free of charge.

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