St Albans Friends of the Earth call on David Cameron to cut the rubbish

ST ALBANS members of Friends of the Earth called on the district council and the coalition government to cut the rubbish on Sunday.

In a stunt designed to drive the message home, campaigners dressed up as David Cameron and interviewed local people on St Peter’s Street to raise awareness about the amount of rubbish that is currently sent to landfill.

Of the 45 people they interviewed, they discovered an overwhelming majority wanted to recycle more and prefer recycling over incinerating. Over half of them said they didn’t find recycling instructions from the council very clear.

Amanda Yorwerth, of St Albans Friends of the Earth, said: “Our findings indicate that there is a strong wish to be able to recycle more locally and that the district and county councils and coalition government need to be doing more to achieve these higher rates. The majority of people want to throw away less rubbish and have more and better recycling services instead.”

The district council revealed last December that 50.32 per cent of residents recycled household waste in 2009/2010. This puts the district slightly ahead of their 50 per cent target for 2010 and 2011.