St Albans firefighters prepared for Halloween arson attacks

AS HALLOWEEN approaches, Herts Police are increasing their presence across the district at a time which can see a peak in anti-social behaviour and arson.

Extra patrols during key times and the use of technology, such as body cams to tackle any unwanted behaviour, will be implemented throughout Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Posters, outlining how to enjoy the festivities have gone up throughout the area. Designed by schoolchildren from across the county, the winning firework poster was designed by Batchwood Secondary School pupil Tyrone Mcnamara. Tyrone, along with almost 1,000 others, had entered the Herts Police and Herts County Council competition to design a poster that encouraged youngsters to be safe and responsible while enjoying the celebrations.

Speaking when the Herts Advertiser launched Action Against Arson at the start of this month, Det Insp Simon Warwick said: “In the lead up to Halloween and Fireworks Night, we have previously seen a countywide increase in anti-social behaviour and arson.

“We will have increased police patrols on duty and we have been educating young people in schools about how they can help themselves stay safe.

“We would encourage parents to make sure they know where their children are, go to organised firework displays and not trick or treat without parental supervision.

“We are also working with businesses to make sure they don’t sell eggs and flour to young people. We want to make sure the festivities are remembered for all the right reasons.”

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Chairman of Hertfordshire Police Authority, David Lloyd, said: “Halloween and Bonfire Night can be one of the busiest times of the year for police forces. In Hertfordshire, our local policing teams will be out patrolling in the community to reassure residents and ensure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.”