Get to know St Albans in 24-hour photography competition event

This year's St Albans Film Festival will once again feature open air cinema outside St Albans Cathed

This year's St Albans Film Festival will once again feature open air cinema outside St Albans Cathedral. Picture: Mark Sims. - Credit: Mark Sims

Keen snappers have a chance to show off their photography skills in a speedy 24-hour competition based around St Albans.

The St Albans Film Festival are hosting a 24 in 24 Photography Competition, in which participants are given 24 things to photograph in 24 hours.

Tasks will be handed out at the Waddington Road Coffee + Kitchen at 11am on June 29 and also posted to the film festival's social media pages.

They may be objects, places, or emotions, and pictures can be taken on any camera or smart phone.

All entries must be digitally uploaded by 11am on June 30 and there will be more advice on submitting photos available on the day.

Prizes can be won in three categories - Best Photo, Best Photo Taken by Someone Under 14, and Best Set of 24 Photos.

The 24 in 24 competition will be judged by local photographer Mark Sims.

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Film festival co-director Matt Bigg said: "We would like to see a wide range of people explore the city, take photos, and have a great time.

"For me, I would love to see families turn up and explore the city together."

Winners of the Under 14 and Best Set categories will receive a free ticket to the outdoor cinema at the Abbey Orchard, which is showing 17 movies over 11 days.

The print which is crowned Best Photo will be framed and displayed in the St Albans Museum + Gallery over the summer.

At 9.30am on June 29, before the 24 picture tasks are handed out, St Albans photographer Jeanette Lendon will run a workshop on how to take photos on a smart phone.

For finalised details on this event, visit www.stalbansfilmfestival.comMatt added: "There will not be a definite way in which the winning photos are taken, it is completely subjective and all interpretation.

"It will be exciting because at the end of the day it can be anything you want it to be."

St Albans Film Festival will take place from June 25 to July 7.

The open-air cinema will be up from June 26 to July 6 and a Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed launch party will be held at the Alban Arena on June 25 from 8pm.

Tickets to the launch event are £10. It is only for people aged 15 or above.

Sign up for the photography competition at