St Albans entrepreneur launching spirits subscription business

Dan Humphrey. Picture: Markus Bidaux from Stream Publishing

Dan Humphrey. Picture: Markus Bidaux from Stream Publishing - Credit: Archant

A local entrepreneur is launching an innovative spirits subscription business in St Albans.

Dan Humphrey’s latest venture is The Summerton Club - for a fee, members are sent a different bottle of rare spirit each month.

One month might be rhum agricole from an estate nestled at the foot of volcanic Mount Pelee in Martinique, the next month a brandy made naturally from wind-blown apples on a Cornish cyder farm. It can be anything not available in supermarkets.

He said: “Spirits have always been popular with a section of society, but now other groups of discerning drinks lovers, and younger people in particular, are discovering the beauty and purity of a fine spirit, aged to perfection.

“And, although spirits are popular again, and there is a growing number of aficionados out there, there is not as much consumer knowledge as there is with wines and beers, so we do the searching around the world, to bring the best bottles of spirits directly to the customer.”

“We are promising to bring something different and utterly delicious to the customer’s door each month, opening up new possibilities for them in their spirits tasting - widening their knowledge and developing their palate.”

Dan, an alumnus of both St Albans School and St Columba’s College, came up with the idea after struggling to find a suitable gift for Father’s Day.

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He started his first business at just 15 years old, selling tools to the St Albans School’s Computer Design Technology department.

Subsequent businesses Dan has set up include produce supplier Langley Foods and hotel accessibility review site

“After nearly ten years away from St Albans for university, travelling and graduate jobs, I returned to the city with a plan to base myself here and launch my first proper business, Langley Foods, which supplies smoked ingredients to food manufacturers.

“The network for start-ups in St Albans is very strong and supportive, which has led me to launch my second business, The Summerton Club, in the city. There is such a good entrepreneurial feel to the city, it’s a great place to be when you are growing your own business. I couldn’t think of a better place.”

The Summerton Club is £65 a month at