St Albans Elvis on Come Dine With Me with Kerry Katona

A KING-sized serving of a St Albans Elvis tribute act helped celebrity magazine sweetheart Kerry Katona win �1,000 for charity on Channel Four’s Come Dine With Me on Sunday night.

Celebrities including the former Atomic Kitten singer, veteran TV star Lionel Blair, Orville the Duck and Cheryl Fergison, who played Heather Trott in BBC soap opera EastEnders put their kitchen skills to the test.

Having a “surreal” time with the stars in the Diamond Jubilee special was Elvis Shmelvis, aka Martyn Dias of Chiswell Green, who said he received a personal request from Kerry to appear on the popular culinary show.

He said: “The whole evening was fantastic. Six hours after I got the call from Kerry Katona I was dancing with Lionel Blair, having a chat with Orville and making myself a sandwich in her kitchen.

“It was a truly surreal experience but I loved every minute.”

The four celebrities each hosted a royal-themed dinner party, and Kerry won over her guests with the help of the King of rock n’ roll.

Elvis Shmelvis sang to Kerry and her guests after the main course and during their dessert. While they tucked into ice-cream he serenaded the diners with a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen.

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Kerry’s menu was a classic British collection of cucumber sandwiches and fish and chips.

She won by just one point, having received a total score of 25 out of 30 from the other contestants during their taxi rides home. Kerry will donate her �1,000 prize to the Shannon Bradshaw Trust.

Kerry said: “Elvis Shmelvis was the perfect touch for a perfect evening.”