St Albans drivers warned to take care on roads

Motorists told salt isn’t “magic powder”

WITH icy conditions, low temperatures and the possibility of light sleet or snow returning to Herts over the next few days, drivers in St Albans are being warned to take extra care on local roads this weekend.

Phil Bibby, the county’s deputy cabinet member for highways and transport, reminded motorists that while salt is the best material to treat snow and ice, “it isn’t a magic powder that always makes roads completely safe.”

He added: “If you are driving, please leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, steer and brake very gently and reduce your overall speed.

“Pedestrians are also asked to take a great deal of care on pavements and when crossing the road.”

Herts Highways will continue salting all main routes throughout the county.

You can receive information on gritting via the organisation’s “gritter twitter” or go to