St Albans dog owner warns of Clarence Park pooch attack

Clarence Park

Clarence Park - Credit: Archant

A dog owner has warned others to be vigilant with their pets after his ‘fun loving’ pooch was attacked by another dog recently.

Gregg Harrison, of St Albans, was walking his dog, a Basset Griffon Vandeen named Hugo, in Clarence Park when a bull terrier ‘attacked him at pace’.

His dog escaped mostly uninjured but Gregg was more surprised at the owner’s attitude. He said: “Hugo is a soft, friendly, loving animal, and has never growled or been growled at before.

He continued: “The owner did not pull off, call away, tell the dog off, or even put it on the lead, but simply wandered away with his other dog.”

Gregg, who has reported the incident to the police, said he came across the owner again but he did not see there was an issue.

So Gregg will not be letting Hugo off the lead to socialise with other dogs until he can be sure owners can keep their dogs under control.

He added: “I will certainly not be letting my two daughters play with our dog in the park in case this dog attacks again and they are too close to move out of the way. It’s a real shame I think.

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“Clarence Park and the vast majority of dog walkers are responsible and friendly people, most of whom have children too.”