St Albans doctor facing medical tribunal

Dr Jonathan Beacon

Dr Jonathan Beacon - Credit: CENTRAL NEWS

AN ORTHOPAEDIC surgeon had a passionate affair with a patient after giving her private consultations for free at his St Albans surgery.

Dr Jonathan Beacon, 66, started the relationship with the 39-year-old patient when she was referred to him for knee surgery at the Elms Consulting Rooms in Hall Place Gardens, St Albans in 2006 after a motorbike accident.

And this week a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel was told that the woman had compared him to jailed child killer Mick Philpott because he was a controlling man.

The patient went on: “I don’t know if he hated women, but seeing the Mick Philpott case recently, there was something that reminded me of Philpott and how he behaved towards women.

“I am filled with disgust and I have to take responsibility for my part even though I didn’t come to the GMC (General Medical Council). I had really low self-esteem and he was a controlling man.”

After meeting Dr Beacon at his consulting rooms, the woman started a relationship with him.

The married father-of-three soon offered to waive his fee so his patient could continue with private treatment when her marriage broke down.

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The panel was told that the pair swapped mobile numbers and began to exchange flirtatious texts. They began to meet for lunch and the relationship became sexual when Dr Beacon turned up in his silver Jaguar to a date at the Pre Hotel, St Albans.

The patient recalled: “I met him and he had a silver sports Jaguar. We sat in the front seats and chatted in the car park.

“It was a secluded car park in the woods. We started to conduct the beginnings of an affair.”

She said kissing had led to oral sex and added: “It was kind of led by him.”

She recalled how they met on Valentine’s Day when Dr Beacon gave her a cuddly toy and she again performed a sex act upon him.

“We proceeded to kiss and went on to what became the usual – what you can do in a car.”

The couple had full sex when the doctor drove her to a secluded countryside location.

On one occasion she went for a consultation at his Dunstable home to remove a botched plaster cast he had fitted. But despite the pain it was causing her, Dr Beacon had sex with her before he removed the cast.

She said: “It was horrendous. It was absolutely shocking. He led the way and I followed like a fool.”

The relationship lasted for two years while she was being treated by Dr Beacon. The patient said: “I was grateful to him because he was providing me with a service I could no longer afford so I was grateful.

“It was also that he controlled what was done and when it was done because it was out of my hands then.”

The woman, who has now remarried and still lives in East Anglia, described Dr Beacon as a ‘strange’ but ‘charismatic’ man who was very arrogant and stank of cigar smoke.

Dr Beacon, who also held private consultations at the Spire Hospital in Harpenden, is not attending the Manchester hearing which continues.