St Albans DJ Lyndsay through to next stages of MasterChef

DJ Lyndsay Evans on Masterchef

DJ Lyndsay Evans on Masterchef - Credit: BBC/Shine TV

A professional DJ and talented cook from St Albans made it through to the next round of MasterChef last night (April 24).

Lyndsay Evans, who has lived in Tyttenhanger for three years, made it through to the final stage of the knockouts with her own special tiramisu - all of the contestants cooked meals based on nostalgic childhood memories.

On the BBC1 show, she said: “I was so worried about that one, because last time I practiced it every element went wrong.

“So I’m glad it all came together on the day and that they really enjoyed it and that they got it as well. So yeah, yeah, got to be happy about that.”

She said she was “really scared” and “can’t believe” it went so well.

Commenting later, she said: “Really pleased to have got through, and also with such great comments.

“That dessert, with tempering chocolate had a lot of difficult techniques that can easily go wrong.

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“So it could’ve been a disaster.

“Looking forward to the pro kitchen as that’s going to be an entirely new experience for me. Think it’s going to be really hard work.”

Judge John Torode loved her dessert: “Inside, it’s fantastic, it’s a lovely texture, it’s a lovely flavour, it does have the flavour of tirasmu.

“It’s really nicely made, it’s really, really interesting. It’s a really good dessert.”

The next episode is tomorrow (April 26) at 8pm.