St Albans district council elections: Find out who is running in your ward

With council elections coming up, have you registered to vote?

With council elections coming up, have you registered to vote? - Credit: Archant

With the local elections fast approaching, do you know who will be on the voting card in your ward?

The full list of candidates has been confirmed ahead of next month’s St Albans district council (SADC) election, with just over a third of 57 seats in the running.

Currently the authority is controlled by the Conservatives, who have 30 councillors, alongside 17 Liberal Democrats, five from Labour, and one from the Greens.

Elections are being held on Thursday, May 2, for 20 seats in 20 wards. Fourteen seats are being defended by the Conservatives, Labour one, and Lib Dems four. There is one seat, Redbourn ward, currently held by an independent candidate.

Across the board there are 85 hopeful candidates; 21 from the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats; 20 from the Greens; and two Independents.

The deadline to register for voting is today - Friday, April 12.

To find out more about the elections, visit candidates in each seat are as follows:


Most Read

Stephane Farenga (Green)

Yasmin-May Harisha (Conservative)

Mohammed Mortuza (Labour)

Iqbal Zia (Lib Dem)**


Gordon Baisley (Labour)

Alex Harisha-Clark (Conservative)

Anne McQuade (Green)

Liz Needham (Lib Dem)


Jagat Mohan Chatrath (Labour)

Danny Clare (Lib Dem)

Don Deepthi (Conservative)

Catherine Rebecca Michel (Green)

Colney Heath:

Chris Brazier (Lib Dem)**

Susan Devi (Conservative)

Andrew Osborne (Labour)

James Ryan (Green)


Greg Blom (Green)

Robert Francis Donald (Lib Dem)**

Muhammad Rahim (Labour)

Sarah Georgina Tallon (Conservative)

Harpenden East:

James Nathaniel Gill (Labour)

Anne James (Independent)

Pip Liver (Lib Dem)

Geoffrey Alistair Newman (Conservative)

Angela Helen Troughton (Green)

Harpenden North:

Bert Pawle (Conservative)**

Melanie Woutera Priggen (Lib Dem)

Emily Jane Tilly (Labour)

Ian Troughton (Green_

Harpenden South:

Brian Ellis (Conservative)**

George Murray Fraser (Labour)

Zoe Frances Galvin (Lib Dem)

Rosalind Paul (Green)

Harpenden West:

Lesley Baker (Green)

Roger Howard Butterworth (Conservative)

Henry Michael Meredith (Labour)

Jeffrey Kyndon Phillips (Lib Dem)

London Colney:

Tony Lillico (Lib Dem)

Helen Pakenham (Labour)

Mark Stephen Park-Crowne (Green)

Liz Winstone (Conservative)

Marshalswick North:

Lyn Bolton (Conservative)**

Clare Rachel Julien (Lib Dem)

James Richard Lomas (Green)

Alexander Veitch (Labour)

Marshalswick South:

Susana Rosa Garcia-Martinez (Green)

Salih Gaygusuz (Conservative)**

Richard George Harris (Labour)

Karen Young (Lib Dem)

Park Street:

Syed Abidi (Lib Dem)

Gary Christopher Chambers (Labour)

Claudio Duran (Conservative)

Sally Leonard (Green)


Will Jankowski (Lib Dem)

David William Mitchell (Independent)

Symon Vegro (Labour)

Ed Webster (Conservative)


Jonathan Hegerty (Labour)

Sharon Claire Hollingsworth (Lib Dem)

Frances Mary Leonard (Conservative)**

Matthew Maddock (Green)


Phil Fletcher (Green)

Iain Charles Grant (Labour)

Eileen Rosemary Harris (Labour)**

Graham Stanley Leonard (Conservative)

Emma Lillian Mantanle (Lib Dem)

Mandy Diana McNeil (Lib Dem)

Barry Paul Sumpter (Conservative)

Lucy Swift (Green)

St Peters:

Alec James Campbell (Conservative)**

Mark Antony Ewington (Labour)

Jill Mills (Green)

Will Tucker (Lib Dem)

St Stephen:

Janet Elizabeth Blackwell (Labour)

Caroline Hall (Green)

Sinéad Keeley Howland (Lib Dem)

Dave Winstone (Conservative)**


Stephen James Barrett (Lib Dem)

Michael James Bartlet (Labour)

Paul Verity (Conservative)

Candy Whittome (Green)


Oliver James Hitch (Green)

Gerard Patrick Panting (Lib Dem)

Neill Sankey (Labour)

Sandra Maureen Wood (Conservative)**

**Indicates the councillor currently in that seat.