St Albans director crowdfunding latest movie

Up and coming director Dan Smith is crowd funding his film, FLYSPY

Up and coming director Dan Smith is crowd funding his film, FLYSPY - Credit: Archant

An up and coming director has just three weeks left to crowdfund his latest movie venture.

Dan Smith, who lives in St Albans, is best known for his BAFTA winning ‘David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum ALIVE 3D’, but is branching out with his new feature film, FLYSPY.

He has until April 7 to raise the remainder of his £15,000 target, and still has more than £8,000 to go.

The film covers the topical subject of ‘drones’, flying cameras that capture footage from the sky, with protagonist Greg creating a wirelessly controlled robot drone in the form of a fly.

It follows his sadistic plot to get his ex-girlfriend back by spying on her and her new boyfriend, and after witnessing something unexpected, the plot takes a surprising turn.

The design of the fly was created by STAR WARS concept artist Jake Lunt, and the fly in the film will be 100 per cent computer generated.

On his Kickstarter page, Dan said: “This film is essentially a sci-fi/psychological-thriller. It’s a piece of entertainment but it is also topically very relevant at this moment in time.

“Drones are everywhere right now and this sort of technology is not far off, so who knows what will happen when we devious humans get our grubby hands on something like the devices in this film? You can already buy tiny drones online for just a few pounds and as we know, technology is getting smaller and smaller so surely this sort of technology is just around the corner.

“I love the whole theme of how technology affects the way we humans deal with each other and that is what this film is really all about. It is a look at what happens when people are corrupted by the power given to them by unregulated and powerful technology.”

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The Kickstarter page offers sponsors access to exclusive merchandise, tickets and a link to the film once it is completed.

If you would like to find out more about/sponsor the project, click here.