St Albans dance crew to represent England at LA dance festival

NSG Performing Arts

NSG Performing Arts - Credit: Archant

A St Albans-based dancing crew will be tripping the light fantastic when they represent England at an international dance festival.

The NSG Performing Arts group

The NSG Performing Arts group - Credit: Archant

NSG Performing Arts, which includes students and staff from Mandeville primary school, will next year perform at the Dance Excellence festival.

Mandeville head Cathy Longhurst called them: “A committed group of people going from strength to strength.”

The festival, which is being held in Los Angeles, draws over 15,000 dancers from 28 countries.

Teams come from as far away as the UAE and the Philippines to take part.

NSG’s co-owner Nick Green said: “It’s going to be huge and exciting.

“It’s not a competition, but it turns into one!”

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NSG are currently raising money to go to the festival, and have already received funding from St Albans council.

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